You probably came here for my software. Quite a number of projects I worked on are now dis­con­tinued, for various rea­sons. The ones I still regard as rele­vant can be found on GitHub, some are also available on Packagist, npm or via Homebrew and/or MacPorts.

Below, you will find a list of legacy software or outdated versions of current applications. Please note that more outdated versions are available on GitHub, plus the current versions.

Contact & Imprint

Owner of this website & contact person:
Carsten Blüm // Ophagen 15 // 20257 Hamburg // Germany

+49 (0)40/20006097 // // // PGP public key

This information also applies to the following social media profile:


If your Mac tells you that software you downloaded from this site cannot be opened, as it is from an unidentified developer, Gatekeeper is only partially right. Yes, I am an unidentified developer (or rather a former unidentified developer, as I hardly write Mac software anymore), but the application can still be opened, at least as long as you did not change your Mac’s security settings.

To do that, do not simply doubleclick the application icon, but use the contextual menu (right mouse button or left button with Ctrl key pressed), then select “Open” and confirm that you want to open the application.