Sequel Pro Bundles

Sequel Pro (my favourite MySQL client) supports “Bundles”. These are extension modules that provide additional functionalities. I have written a few for myself, which might also be of interest for you.

Installation: All bundles are packaged as Zip archives. After unpacking, you can simply doubleclick the resulting bundle file which will cause Sequel Pro to confirm installation of the bundle.

All bundles are written in scripting languages, therefore you can easily adapt them to your personal needs. Just open menu “Bundle” ➔ “Bundle Editor” and see for yourself.

Copy as text table

This bundle offers copying of a text-only pseudo-tabular representation of the currently selected records. But probably an example will say more than a thousand words:

The columns’ widths will be calculated dynamically based on the number of columns and the length of the column values. If the bundle thinks that the columns get too wide, the text in each column will be truncated. You can modify the maximum length in the Bundle Editor (menu “Bundle” ➔ “Bundle Editor”), if you are not happy with the default value..

Download bundle “Copy as text table”

Copy column names

This bundle is extremely simple, but nevertheless can be quite handy: it copies the names of the columns in the current result set.

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