Plain Clip Version History

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2.5.2, 10/18/2018

  • When using the optional conversion from smart quotes to dumb quotes, the text was inadvertently converted to ASCII. This is fixed.

2.5.1, 11/22/2015

  • Added a preference for converting smart quotes to dumb quotes, i.e.: replaces all occurrences of any of the characters „ “ ” » « with " and all occurrences of › ‹ ‚ ‘ ’ with '

2.5, 02/23/2015

  • Added a preference for performing normalization to Unicode Normalization Form C. Like all preferences, this is turned off by default, but is recommended to turn on.

2.4.8., 09/22/2013

  • Fixed a problem where in certain cases triggering Plain Clip from a shortcut manager could interfere with sending the Cmd-V shortcut.

2.4.7, 01/13/2013

  • Changed the order of the processing steps so that when tabs are replaced with spaces and consecutive spaces are replaced by a single one, it will result in consecutive tabs being replaced by a single space.

2.4.6, 08/12/2012

  • Corrects a mistake which made Plain Clip ignore some command-line switches

2.4.5, 08/09/2012

  • Fixes an inadvertent text modification that could occur when stripping trailing whitespace

2.4.4, 07/29/2012

  • Compatible with OS X 10.8

2.4.3, 07/18/2012

  • Fixes a bug that could crash version 2.4.2

2.4.2, 06/24/2012

  • Added a preference setting for removal of whitespace at the beginning and end of the whole text
  • Added a preference setting for replacing tab characters with spaces
  • Added a preference setting for removing leading whitespace at the beginning of each line

2.4.1, 11/30/2010

  • Soft hyphens are removed

2.4, 09/01/2010

  • Added a preference setting for removing blank lines

2.3, 05/30/2010

  • Added an option to convert text to strict 7bit ASCII
  • New application icon (slightly smaller, looks better when Plain Clip is in the Dock)

2.2.1, 12/18/2009

  • Italian localization, contributed by Vincenzo Boiano

2.2, 12/04/2009

  • Optionally replaces consecutive spaces by a single space.

2.1.1, 09/30/2009

  • Removal of whitespace at end of lines is more reliable.
  • Removes another invisible control character that was not stripped in previous versions.

2.1, 05/20/2009

  • Added another optionally text filter: line breaks can be removed, but at the same time subsequent line breaks are retained, so that paragraphs in the text are preserved.

2.0, 02/05/2009

  • When invoked from hotkey applications, can send an emulated ⌘-V (Paste) keystroke (see Readme for more details).
  • Optionally, Plain Clip can remove trailing whitespace and strip certain control characters, such as non-breaking spaces.

1.0.6, 02/28/2006

  • Universal Binary (native support for both PPC and Intel CPUs)

1.0.5, 08/19/2004

  • Fixed: In some rare cases the Plain Clip process didn’t quit after having done its job.

1.0.1, 04/21/2004

  • Added an application icon
  • Added German Readme
  • Changed the BundleIdentifier due to new website URL

1.0, 01/05/2004

  • Initial release