Improved text completion for Apple Mail

Version 1.14 (10/13/2018)
OS X 10.9 to macOS 10.14
Price: Free / Donations

Apple’s Mail application offers text completion when writing e-mails, which can be in­voked by hitting F5. When it was introduced, it offered completions based on the list of words from the mail you were typing. Un­for­tu­nately, some day Apple decided that it would be better to use the system dictionary for com­ple­tion. From that day on, using the com­ple­tion in Mail meant to have to scroll through an end­less list of words to finally get to the one you wan­ted. In other words: it slowed typing down instead of making it faster.

Enter Ofaco. The name “Ofaco” stands for “Old-fashioned completion”, which says it all: it’s a plugin for Mail that replaces Mail’s dictionary-based completion mechanism with one that uses the words from the message window from which it was invoked.

Default completions

Many people use certain words or phrases very frequently in their mails, especially when writing job-related mails. (In my case, for example, these are terms like “database”, “administrator”, “user management” or “CMS backend”.) It was obivous that it would be a useful addition to give users the opportunity to define a list of words and phrases which are used when completing as if these words and phrases were in the mail.

System requirements

The current version needs at least OS X 10.9. Users of older versions can download version 1.13, which will still run on Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8.


Ofaco is localized in English, German and French.

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