Exif Untrasher Version History

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1.5.1, 08/10/2019

  • Recompiled as a 64-bit application for compatibility with macOS 10.5 (“Catalina”). Everything else unchanged. As a side effect, the minimum supported system version is now 10.10. Users of Mac OS X versions prior to 10.10 still can download version1.5.

1.5, 10/07/2014

  • Improved usability and ease of use. New icon, various minor optimizations. The image restoration algorithm is unchanged.

1.4.3, 06/06/2006

  • Fixed some localization errors

1.4.2, 04/14/2006

  • Universal Binary

1.4.1, 11/08/2005

  • Added Italian localization (contributed by Giuseppe F. Ciranna)

1.4, 01/16/2005

  • Disk images larger than 2 GB are supported. As this feature requires Mac OS X 10.3, Exif Untrasher is now 10.3-only. Though, version 1.3.6, which performs well on 10.1/10.2, is still available for download.
  • In the panel for choosing the source volume, the same volume names as in the Finder are used.
  • The name of the source disk image is no longer restricted to the MacRoman charset, but can be any Unicode string.

1.3.6, 06/01/2004

  • Fixed a bug which caused the list of volumes to suppress the vertical scrollbar. Thus it looked as if some volumes were missing, although they could be made visible by resizing the sheet.

1.3.5, 06/01/2004

  • Instead of having to choose a volume using the regular "Open" dialog, users can now simply select the volume from a list. (The former "Open" dialog was obviously too mistakable, as lots of users chose the image folder on the volume instead of the volume itself.)
  • Several improvements regarding user interface and handling.

1.3.1, 02/19/2004

  • Added French localization (contributed by Michel Pansanel)
  • Corrected text in about window
  • Improved error mail message

1.3, 02/15/2004

  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Fixed a small bug in the English localization
  • When closing the window, Exif Untrasher quits automatically
  • Improved user interface
  • After finishing, the destination folder is opened automatically in the Finder
  • In case an error occurs while trying to create a disk image, an error mail is generated automatically.
  • Workaround: If the last image's end byte position can't be determined, its size will be limited to a fixed maximum value to avoid ridiculously large images.
  • Data garbage at the end of the image files is removed.
  • Added preference option to disable the info panel regarding disk image creation

1.2, 11/12/2003

  • Rewrote the core part of the application in pure C: much faster, finds more images, and uses only a small amount of RAM
  • Minor improvements in the user interface
  • Improved und updated the Readme file

1.0.1, 06/16/2003

  • Minor fixes in German localization

1.0, 06/01/2003

  • Automatic disk image creation
  • Online help
  • Improved Readme
  • GUI improvements

0.7, 05/19/2003

  • Initial release