Command-line tool for emulating mouse and keyboard events

Version 4.0.1 (04/10/2018)
OS X 10.9 or higher
Price: Free / Donations

“Cliclick” is short for “Command-Line Interface Click”. It is a a tiny shell/Terminal application that will emulate mouse clicks or series of mouse clicks (including doubleclicks and control-clicks) at arbitrary screen coordinates as well as keyboard events. Moreover, it lets you move the mouse, get the current mouse coordinates, press modifier keys, enter text etc.

After downloading, run cliclick -h so see a usage summary.

In addition to downloading cliclick from this page, you can also install cliclick through MacPorts or Homebrew, if you prefer to use a package manager.

Note: If you only think of airports and gas stations when you hear the words “Shell” or “Terminal”, you will probably not need cliclick, and more importantly: you will probably not even be able to use it.

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