Removal of metadata files in the filesystem

Version 2.0 (03/07/2017)
macOS 10.6 or higher
Price: Free / Donations

Atadatem (“metadata” backwards) is a tiny shell/Terminal application for removing certain types of metadata files from one or more folders.

To be precise, these kinds of folders/files can be removed:

  • Mac Icon files
  • .DS_Store files
  • .svn directories
  • JavaScript-related files: .jshintrc, .jslintrc, .babelrc
  • Editor/IDE metadata: .idea, .editorconfig
  • Integration/analysis tools’ files: .travis.yml, .scrutinizer.yml, .coveralls.yml, .codeclimate.yml

You can execute single cleaning operations or arbitrary combinations. Please start atadatem as atadatem -h to get usage information.

Atadatem has been released under the BSD license and is therefore open source software.

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