atadatem Iconatadatem
Removal of metadata files in the filesystem

cliclick Iconcliclick
Command-line tool for emulating mouse and keyboard events

Exif Untrasher IconExif Untrasher
Photo recovery software

form-change-tracker Iconform-change-tracker
Tracks pristine/dirty state of in-browser form controls

Ofaco IconOfaco
Improved text completion for Apple Mail

Pashua IconPashua
Dialog windows for PHP, Bash, Perl, AppleScript and other languages

Plain Clip IconPlain Clip
Removes formatting from copied text

PHP-JavaScript-Serializer IconPHP-JavaScript-Serializer
Serialization of PHP data to a native JavaScript representation

SearchstringParser IconSearchstringParser
PHP library for parsing search strings

Taply IconTaply
Minimalist audio player

Tree IconTree
PHP library for handling tree structures

XMLTransformer IconXMLTransformer
Transforms XML (into XML, HTML, plaintext, …) using pure PHP