Privacy policy

This website’s approach to ensuring the privacy of its users is simple to describe:

  • This website does not use cookies.
  • This website does not tracking software (such as Google Analytics).
  • This website does not collect personal information of the users visiting it. The only exception to this is your computer’s IP address, which will be saved for a limited amount of time due to security considerations. After that time, the address will be anonymized in the log files. Together with the IP address, almost every browser transmits a browser identification (browser name, version etc.) and the web page from which the request was initiated (the so-called “referrer”). This data is stored together with the IP address and the requested URL, but are no longer assignable to specific user once the IP address has been anonymized. (And to be absolutely clear: even before the IP anonymization, it is not possible to identify a user based only on the data the browser sends.)
  • No data from this website – not even anonymized data – is given to third parties.

By the way: if you would like to minimize the amount of data your browser sends, you can do so by tweaking your browser’s settings or through client-side software such as browser plugins or, for instance, Privoxy.