Tree 2.0 released

A few days ago, I released version 2.0 of bluem/tree, a PHP library for handling data that is structured hierarchically using parent ID references. Notable additions include:

  • Added method Tree::rebuildWithData() to rebuild the tree with new data.
  • Tree and Tree\Node implement JsonSerializable with a sensible default implementation, which means that you can easily serialize the whole tree oder nodes to JSON.
  • The tree data no longer has to be an array, but instead it must be an iterable, which means that you can either pass in an array or an object implementing the Traversable interface. Similarly, the data for a node no longer has to be an array, but can also be an object implementing the Iterator interface. These changes should make working with the library more flexible.

As a few deprecated methods were removed and the minimum PHP version raised to 7.0, this version is not backward compatible – hence the major version number change.

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