Taply discontinued

Given the fact that doing Cocoa development for OS X is only a hobby for me for which I have far too little time to spend on, I decided today that I will stop the development of Taply, a tiny audio player. It was fun writing it, but I hardly ever used it myself and I think that I should better invest my Cocoa efforts into applications that I use myself a lot (such as Plain Clip, which I use probably a hundred times each day) or for which there aren’t as many alternatives as there are for an audio player. Of course, “stopping the development” is a euphemism, as a quick glance at the version history reveals that there hasn’t been much development recently: in the last six years, there were only two releases …

Taply will remain available for download from this site. Moreover, I will probably offer the project sources for download, in case someone is interested in taking a look at it or taking over the project.

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