Pashua 0.11 released

After roughly 2,5 years, finally a new Pashua version was released: Pashua 0.11 is ready for download. The changes are everything but impressive (you can read more about it in the version history), but the most important change is not related to features: Pashua is now Open Source Software, released under the so-called “3-clause BSD license”.

Releasing the source code is on the one hand a reaction to numerous requests I re­ceived in the last 15 years. On the other hand, and more importantly: I am not sure to what extent I will be able (mostly for lack of time) and willing (for more info, see About Apple) to work on Pashua. Therefore, open-sourcing Pashua is a logical step which could help in making Pashua better through contributions by other developers, and at the same time making Pashua more future-proof. I am aware that Pashua is used on all continents, by indi­viduals, enterprises and other organizations, and having the source available provides a whole new level of dependability than a closed-source application maintained by a single developer.

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