Ofaco 1.14 released

Yesterday, Ofaco 1.14 was released. As usual, there were no functional changes, but the release only addresses compatibility with macOS 10.14 (or “Mojave”). Due to some changes in the way Mail plugins are handled by Mojave, I added a new, Mojave-only installer in addition to the old one, which will now refuse to run on 10.14 and above. Moreover, I raised the minimum system version from 10.7 to 10.9.

If you upgraded to Mojave with an existing Ofaco installation or install Ofaco for the first time on Mojave, there is one important thing to note: you now have to enable it in Mail’s preferences: open the preferences, and if there are any plugins present, there will be a button in the lower left corner of the “General” tab which lets you manage your plugins.

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