Exif Untrasher discontinued

Twelve years and four months ago, I published the first version of Exif Untrasher, an OS X (then: Mac OS X) application for restoring “deleted” photos from digital camera memory cards/sticks. The motivation for this was that I had lost a few photos myself before, and thought it would be great if there was a tool that might help in this situation – and at that time, I didn’t know of any such tools running on Macs.

I’ve never again lost photos afterwards, so – apart from testing – I haven’t used my own application a single time. This, combined with the fact that meanwhile there are quite some alternatives (free and commercial), I’ve come to the conclusion that I should officially discontinue Exif Untrasher. Version 1.5, released last year, works, will hopefully continue to work for the next few releases of OS X, and will of course still be available from this site.

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