Cliclick 4 Beta released

Usually I do not publish beta version of my Mac applications, but this time I break with old habits. Although there is not much new in what might become cliclick 4, there is some potential for incompatibility compared to cliclick 3.

So – what has changed since 3.3, the last release? Well … not too much ;-)

There is one new feature, which is right-clicking, which can be invoked using command rc (for instance: cliclick rc:123,456 for clicking at point with x position 123 and y position 456).

But the main reason why this beta exists, is: timing. On the one hand, I increased some delays, which all in all makes actions slower, thus (hopefully) reducing the need to use the “wait” (w) command. On the other hand, I implemented more “natural” movements, which will result in the mouse not suddenly move from a point to another, but to be moved with easing (slow start, then faster, then again slower) and with varying speed, where the speed depends on the distance.
Together, these timing-related changes could break existing scripts or use cases, and that is why (according to Semantic Versioning) these changes should cause the next release to be a new major release, i.e.: version 4.
If you try this version and observe anything not working which worked with version 3, please let me know or open an issue on cliclick project at GitHub.

Finally, with this release, I plan to drop support for Mac OS X 10.6, which is another reason to increase the major version number.

So, if you are interested, download the beta and play around with it.

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