Cliclick 4 Beta 2 released

After the release of cliclick 4 Beta 1, I got some feedback from a few people who tested it and seemed a bit upset due to the new “natural” mouse movement. As, on the other hand, there was no positive feedback on it (which might mean nobody likes it, but over the years I learned that users are very reluctant to give feedback, especially when they have nothing to complain about), I decided to leave the default behaviour as is. This means you can get easing / “natural” movement by using a new switch -e, which can be used to control the speed of movement. Example:

cliclick -e 500 m:100,200 m:300,800 m:700,200

This should result in a pretty slow movement. Reduce the value 500 to speed things up or increase it to make it even slower.

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