cliclick 3.0.3 released

Today cliclick 3.0.3 was released. It does not add new features, but fixes some minor issues.

First, it improves the reliability of “drag & drop” operations and reduces the need to add “wait” commands for dragging to work correctly. It turned out that cliclick performed actions too fast so that the events were not registered correctly in some target applications. With cliclick 3.0.3, this should no longer be a problem, and if you have scripts that use drag & drop and which include “wait” commands to make d&d work, you might event try to remove the “wait” commands.

Second, I fixed a number of bugs related to memory management. Bugs of this kind are usually not a problem with a tool like cliclick, which is invoked, runs for a couple of seconds and then terminates, but there are also use cases where this might have caused trouble.

If you got cliclick from MacPorts or Homebrew, you should get the 3.0.3 update maybe in a day or two, and if you installed it manually, you can download the 3.0.3 archive to update.

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