cliclick 3.3 released

Version 3.3 of cliclick was just released. This is the changelist:

  • Add support for numpad keys when using the “keypress” (kp) action
  • Support reading commands from stdin (use - [a dash] as filename with -f option)
  • Change donation switch from -d to -n to avoid ambiguity
  • Fix handling of absolute negative coordinates

It may take a day or two until this version is available via MacPorts. It may take more time until you can get this version via Homebrew, as I will no longer update the Homebrew formula for cliclick. I don’t use Homebrew (never have) and only started contributing the cliclick formula due to demand by users. Updating a formula takes less than five minutes if you use Homebrew on a regular basis, but if you do it maybe every 12 or 18 months (like I did), it feels cumbersome (at least for me), especially when things change in Homebrew. And this is why the cliclick formula from now on needs another maintainer. So if you are reading this and would like to take it over: go ahead.

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