cliclick 3.1 released

A few minutes ago, I published cliclick 3.1. The changes are:

  • Bugfix: For the “keypress” (“kp”) command, fixed keys “volume-down”, “volume-up” and “mute”.
  • Bugfix: Typing did not work in “verbose” mode
  • Change: For the “keypress” (“kp”) command, removed support for “help” key, which didn’t work anyway.
  • New: “keypress” (“kp”) command supports additional keys: “brightness-up”, “brightness-down”, “play-pause”, “play-previous”, “play-next”, “keys-light-toggle”, “keys-light-up”, “keys-light-down”

If you installed cliclick via MacPorts or Homebrew, the update should be available within the next days.

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