A new website section

For years I have pondered about adding a section to this website where I could occasionally write a few lines about web development and Mac topics and make some announcements (primarily for new releases of my Mac applications). And all of this time, I felt reluctant to do so for a number of reasons, one being that for a long time I was too busy to work on the Mac apps, which implied that there was hardly a need for writing about releases.

Having spent more time in the last few months than usual on updating these applications, I once again came to think about this issue and how it would be handy to have a place for things that do not fit in release notes but that I nevertheless would like to make publicly available.

So, finally, here it is. The title “News and beyond” leaves room for improvements, but for the time being, I think it is OK, as it describes the content pretty well. For people interested in staying tuned, there is also an Atom feed.

Have fun.

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