About me

  • Born in the seventies
  • Youth in the eighties
  • Studies in the nineties
  • Since the late nineties web developer / software developer with focus on web technologies, both employed and as freelancer.
  • Currently employed at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg


In this time, I worked, amongst others, on projects for these customers or employers:

  • BonPrix Handelsgesellschaft (Hamburg)
  • Chamber of Crafts Hamburg (Hamburg)
  • CPI books GmbH (Leck)
  • DI UNTERNEHMER - Digitalagentur GmbH
  • Goethe University (Frankfurt / Main)
  • Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Osnabrück)
  • Helmholtz Institute Jena (Jena)
  • ICANS GmbH (Hamburg)
  • Iconscreen GmbH (Hamburg)
  • Kunsthistorisches Institut (Florence, Italy)
  • Stiftung Buchkunst (Frankfurt am Main)
  • ulli neutzling designbuero (Hamburg)
  • Union Investment (Frankfurt am Main)
  • Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht (Göttingen)
  • Weischer.Media GmbH (Hamburg)
  • Wer liefert was (Hamburg)

Languages, frameworks and tools

Technologies I used for these and other projects and/or use currently include:

  • Programming languages: PHP (Symfony, Silex, …), JavaScript (jQuery, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, …), TypeScript, Bash scripting, Objective-C (Cocoa), Perl
  • Query languages: SQL, XPath
  • Markup languages: HTML, XML
  • Formatting languages: CSS, Sass, Less
  • Test frameworks/tools: PHPUnit, Jasmine, Jest, Nightwatch, Behat
  • Version control: Git, Subversion
  • SQL databases: MySQL/Maria DB, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL databases: Redis, CouchDB, MongoDB
  • DevOps tools: Docker, Vagrant, Ansible
  • Misc: Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ