Version (06/20/2014)
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
Processor: Intel
Price: Free / Donations

Version History

Pashua is a tool for creating native Aqua dialog windows from programming languages that have none or only limi­ted support for graphic user inter­faces on Mac OS X. Currently, it supports Apple­Script, Perl, PHP, Python, Groovy, Rexx, Ruby, shell scripts and Tcl—and if your favourite language is not included in this list: writing the glue code for communicating with Pashua is pretty simple.

The GUI elements which can be used for such dialogs include text in­put fields (single-line and multi-line), check­boxes, radio­buttons, combo boxes, popup menus, open panels or buttons. Moreover, it's possible to embed images or PDFs. Any data submitted from the dialog will be passed on to the calling script, which can (of course) use it for anything.


An example Pashua dialog on Mac OS X 10.7Three example windows on an older version of Mac OS X

To define the dialog window, Pashua uses a very simple syntax. All the cumbersome details such as positioning the elements, calculating the window size etc. are handled automatically by Pashua, thus you can fully concentrate on your application.

Example code for the programming languages mentioned above is included in the disk image. For demonstration purposes, I have also included a doubleclickable application created with Pashua and “driven” by a PHP script.


Pashua is localized in English and German.

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