Installer Packages

Below you’ll find software written by other developers, for which I merely provide Mac OS X installer packages.

Please note: the software offered on this page is to be used from the shell (Terminal). If you don’t know what that means, please don’t use these tools, as they won’t be of any use for you, anyway.


Pdftotext is a shell tool for converting PDF files to text. Further informationen can be found on the developer’s website:

Download pdftotext 3.03 (850 KB, only for Macs with Intel processors)

Please note: As the Xpdf developer now provides a precompiled Xpdf distribution for Mac OS X (which includes pdftotext), the version offered here is no longer updated.


Siege is a tool for performing HTTP load testing and benchmarking whose website is

Download Siege 2.72 (147 KB, only for Macs with Intel processors)


Sitecopy was developed for updating websites via FTP and is quite handy in cases where rsync cannot be used. The developer’s website is

Download sitecopy 0.16.6 (313 KB, only for Macs with Intel processors)